Safety Corps partners with industry leading public safety entities to ensure we can leverage only the best services for our customers and public safety. We do our part to bring you the best!

Giving Through Safety

Safety Corps is a proud partner of Giving Through Safety, a non-profit company with a new approach to fundraising and grant writing services. The mission for Giving Through Safety is to assist public safety agencies in meeting their operational goals through the acquisition of identified needs via tax-deductible community donations and government grants.

You’re the best at protecting us. They are the best at funding your needs. For more information, visit them at

Project K-9 Hero

Our partners at Project K-9 Hero are so grateful for the service of our nation’s retired police K-9 and military working dog heroes that they want to honor them in retirement and ensure the best quality of life for them by assisting with medical costs, food, and end-of-duty services. They rely on donors like you to fund Project K-9 Hero​ because there are no public funds to support retired police and military working dogs.

Safety Corps, along with Giving Through Safety, has partnered with Project K-9 Hero to educate the public via professional speaking engagements, conferences, mail, and email on the costs and responsibilities that are necessary when adopting or caring for a retired military working dog or police K-9 hero.

While a K-9’s medical costs are fully covered by their local, state, or federal law enforcement agency when they are working, these costs are no longer covered once they retire, in most circumstances. In almost all instances, the responsibility of caring for the retired hero falls solely on the K-9 handler or a volunteer(s) who adopts the animal. K-9 heroes are worked until they can no longer perform their duties due to health reasons. During this time of their life, they need our help the most to make sure they can live a comfortable life and are able to enjoy their retirement for as long as possible.

​K-9’s accepted into Project K-9 Hero are selected by the existing board members. Owners of retired K-9’s must submit an application, bio of the K-9’s career, and several photos of the K-9 working and at home. The board will review each application thoroughly and allow a retired K-9 in the program if the funds are available to support it.

Through your donation, they look forward to taking in as many retired K-9 heroes as they can support, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable retirement in return for their dedication to supporting us and our communities. If you’re interested in helping out, or you would like to learn how you can get your retired K-9 hero into this program, please email them a brief description and background on your K-9 to receive an application from their Board of Directors.

Visit them at for more information and see how you can support these K-9 Heroes.

Fund The First

Fund the First is the nation’s first verified crowdfunding platform for first responders and military personnel.

Each day, first responders and military personnel put their lives on the line not only to protect the public, but to protect our way of life. Unfortunately, while our nation’s heroes are the first to a crisis, they’re also often the first to be left behind. Their team consists of individuals from the first responder and military community in which they serve. They’ve experienced hardships firsthand and the different challenges that are present in this community. They founded Fund the First to provide other first responders, military, and medical professionals with a trusted place to get the support they need, when they need it.

Visit them at for more information and start a Fund the First campaign today.

AM Data Service

AM Data Service, Inc. is a full-service Information Technology (IT) consulting firm that provides technical support for Safety Guard and network solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Let their comprehensive industry knowledge and partner relationships maximize your IT budget. They deliver on their commitments so clients can build strong relationships in their own companies.

AM Data Service’s goals are simple:

A recognized authority on Microsoft systems, network solutions and new data management trends, AM Data Service offers strategic intellect and superior ability to serve clients’ needs.

What sets AM Data Service apart?

It is difficult to stay current on the rapidly changing technology curve. They value constant communication with their clients to balance technology changes with budget and practicality. This balance strengthens the client’s ability to stay on the cutting edge in their industry.

They believe in the power of small business and entrepreneurial values, and they pride themselves in contributing to the success of America’s small business owners and employees.

Visit them at for more information and let them help support your business starting today.


MindStick is a next-generation business and software development services company with a collection of software designers, architects, developers, programmers and content writers with decades of extensive skills and expertise. MindStick develops and supports high-end web and software solutions and designs, web applications, and web portal development from small to corporate level companies and enterprises. As a software development firm, they practice in a spectrum of technologies on the front-end and back-end.

MindStick develops and produces exceptional custom software solutions and mobile applications. With their latest technology center, flexible methodology, and development operations, combined with pocket-friendly digital solutions, you can innovate and optimize your market footprint and performance.

For more than 10 years, MindStick has been producing database development services. With formidable domain expertise, their team is able to match your specific business objectives and requirements with a professionally adaptive resolution that will keep your data clear, organized, reliable, and easily accessible to users from various devices and platforms.

MindStick builds impactful software that inspires digital transformation, heightens business fertility and promotes technology evolution.

Visit them at for more information and let them turn your ideas into solutions.