Our mission of bringing together industry leading professionals for a common purpose affords us the ability to provide superior services to communities and public safety agencies across the nation.


We develop, write, design and publish our own publications for public safety and the community, supported by public and private partnerships, public safety organizations and local and national advertisement campaigns. Since we own our publications, we can provide custom and branded publications for your organization with personalized covers, logos, and badges, or almost any special need you require.

Most importantly, we provide these services at a fraction of the cost in the publications industry, while making your finished product personalized and professional. Safety Publications was built with you and your community in mind.


Software is a key element in supporting our vision for making communities safer and connecting them with public safety. Our software solutions are used to collect, store, track or report critical information about public safety issues and law enforcement interactions with the community. While our publications are on the front lines educating communities and public safety about relevant issues, our software operationalizes our commitment to engaging public safety and communities to collect relevant information and use that information to inform critical conversations about safety and law enforcement interactions with the community.

Safety Guard is the perfect cloud-based software solution for public safety organizations to document, manage and analyze the critical liability aspects of administering a law enforcement or corrections agency.

Training and Consulting


Our professional staff has years of training, experience, and subject matter expertise in many aspects of public safety, from community relations to executive leadership.

Our goal is to provide the knowledge and the practical application skills related to the educational information that our publications provide.

Our program is growing and adding content continuously. We offer training and consulting services by industry experts in such areas as Law Enforcement Operations, Executive Leadership, Active Shooter Preparedness, Natural Disaster Preparedness, and Organizational Assessments.