The Liability Management Solution for Public Safety


Safety GuardTM is the perfect cloud-based software solution for public safety organizations to document, manage and analyze the critical liability aspects of administering a law enforcement or corrections agency.

Deploying Safety GuardTM for your agency will;

Safety Guard TM is the right tool to streamline and consolidate administrative recordkeeping, and to provide relevant reports to analyze employee and organizational performance for strategic decision making and community transparency.

With Safety GuardTM you can:

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Safety Guard TM is an evolving software solution that will stabilize and centralize your administrative records management today and prepare you for the future capabilities of Safety GuardTM as we continue to Bridge the GapTM with new management tools we are currently developing.

We are fully aware of the needs of the profession and our customers have been loud and clear about what new and better solutions they need, so we are actively working to build that into the future of Safety GuardTM.

Some of these areas in development include:

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