Bridging the gap between communities and public safety personnel has never been more important. Safety Publications was founded to be that bridge.
Since its inception, Safety Corps provides printed resources for public safety agencies and the communities they serve through our subsidiary, Safety Publications. Our publications are designed to be distributed in just about all aspects of society from schools, neighborhoods, businesses, community organizations, families of all sizes, and even the public safety agencies themselves.

Thanks to the support of the business community and our national sponsors, we can provide our publications to public safety agencies at no cost. Additionally, a portion of the funding from the community sponsors is contributed on behalf of the public safety agency to support non-profit organizations or a specific cause of their choice.

Our Work Matters

While police, fire, and EMS departments protect and serve the citizens of this nation, we work to support them and your local communities. We provide critically important educational publications, training, and awareness for first responders and the public at-large, to create safer communities.
We are engaging communities to inspire change through partnerships, education, and collaboration with public safety agencies and first responders. We want to Bridge the Gap and connect the two sides to create a safe community for everyone.
We distribute a wide range of publications, along with training to support it, focusing on community relations, safety, and support, as well as the public safety agencies themselves.

We Are Your Best Option!

We produce credible, relevant and informed publications to public safety and communities about critical issues that stimulate conversation to build safer communities.

Our publications are authored and edited by public safety and private sector professionals from diverse backgrounds to ensure the information is accurate and relevant, then screened by our board of advisors until we come to a group consensus on the material and the needs of the community screened.

Our content ranges from simple to tough topics that truly make a difference for public safety and their communities, and we are always evaluating content to keep the information fresh and informative.

We are educating the community and public safety to foster a space for free and informed discussions about these topics and Bridging the Gap of indifference, while providing solutions to the challenges of public service and partnerships.

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