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The Child & Teen Safety publication is intended to increase awareness about sexual predators; to educate citizens — children, teens, parents, teachers and other caregivers  about target and suggestive predator behaviors; to teach our children about how to stay safe and appropriately interact with adults; to teach adults how to talk to children about inappropriate adult behavior; to provide courses of action to prevent abuse; and to educate parents about their children’s presence on the Internet. 


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We offer custom covers and branded options for your publications. With these custom branded options, we place your logo and change out our current cover to a custom image to fit your target audience or clientele.

Inside, we change the colors from our Safety Publications™ red and blue to your branding colors or neutral colors to fit your needs.

If you are interested in a custom publication for your company or community, please contact us at design@safetycorps.com, and we will set you up with the perfect publication customized for you.